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Oshawa Moving Company Prices is a new way to book your moves in Oshawa, ON completely stress free. Simply tell us a few details about your move in Oshawa, ON and we'll give you your Moveogo guaranteed price. Say goodbye to confusing moving estimates and waiting for movers to get back to you with prices. Moveogo has you covered. Your move is performed by our local moving partners from Oshawa who are vetted experts with the highest ratings.

Why Choose Moveogo As Your Oshawa Moving Company?

Moving and worried about hidden costs and fees? Let us take one more thing off your plate with our guaranteed prices. Moveogo provides a quick and easy 30-second estimate with full transparency, our prices are guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about what the final bill will be. Find a quote that works for you so you can concentrate on the things that matter, like enjoying your new place! Contact us for a 30-second estimate, complete with guaranteed pricing, never subject to change.

If you’re seeking an Oshawa Moving company that places service and transparency as the top priority, you’re in the right place. Contact our Oshawa Moving team today!

Moves Our Oshawa Moving Team Makes

  • Local moves within Oshawa
  • Moves from Oshawa to Trenton
  • Moves from Oshawa to Kingston
  • Moves from Oshawa to Bay Of Quinte
  • Moves from Oshawa to Belleville
  • Moves from Oshawa to Ajax
  • Any move in the Oshawa Surrounding Area
Oshawa Moving Company

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How To Pack Like a Pro

  • Declutter your stuff. Donate appliable items now and throw out what you don’t need. You will be happy you did when it’s time to unpack.
  • Pack Essentials. Pack your essentials in a tote to keep with you on moving day. Keep your toiletries and electronics close at hand, just in case.
  • Choose a dependable moving company. Get a guaranteed worry-free, estimate with no hidden fees for your move to Oshawa, that is perfectly suited to your needs. Confirm details with your moving experts to make sure the day goes smoothly.
  • Change your address. Call your local utility company to notify them and to move or set up your services.
  • Label your stuff. Use labels and correspond them to each room. Saves yourself and your movers time and energy on moving day.

Moving Supplies to Purchase

Invest in the right moving supplies to make your move to Oshawa, easy and stress-free. Let us take care of the heavy-lifting.

  • Cardboard Moving Boxes (Small, Medium & Large)
  • Twine
  • Newspaper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Professional Packing Tape
  • Labels
  • Heavy Duty Markers

Office Moving

Moving offices can be challenging but we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! Don’t sacrifice productivity by making sure that you hire professionals to ensure a seamless transition. Office equipment can be expensive and requires the utmost attention to detail by skilled professionals to ensure it stays in perfect condition. Our movers utilize a detailed checklist and are able to communicate with you and the property managers to ensure a careful and time-efficient move. Currently, these types of moves are not accepted through our automated booking system, instead, please call us at 1-864-moveogo today to receive a custom quote.

Common Questions About Moving in Oshawa, ON

How Much Does A Oshawa Moving Company Cost?
The cost of your Oshawa movers will be dependent of a number of factors including the type of property you're moving from, the number of rooms, and the distance between locations you're moving. Use's instant price calculator to get your price.
How Do Oshawa Movers Price Their Moves?
Movers in Oshawa typically use a formula to estimate the price of a move as a flat rate or an hourly rate with estimated number of hours for each worker. This is why at times, your move estimate can change drastically depending on the accumulated mover hours at the end of your move.
Why Should I Hire A Mover In Oshawa?
If you're planning on moving in Oshawa, you may be considering performing the move yourself with friends or family. However, you should consider using a local mover through Movers take a large part of the stress away from moving day, they will look after the loading, transportation, and unloading of all of your furniture and boxes so you can focus on the important aspects, like decorating!
Are Oshawa Movers All Insured?
Moveogo movers are always fully insured. Mover's insurance is critical as it can protect you and your valuables from damage and liability caused by your movers. When book a moving company be sure to always book with a fully insured moving company.

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