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10 Tips to Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Big Move

Efficient moving is critical, and packing is an important part of it.

November 8, 2021 By Moveogo Concierge

You’ve told yourself a million times, this move will be different. This time I’ll stay organized! Why not start now, with some help from a few tips and tricks we can share with you today. Moving is one of those things that can be stressful and time-consuming if not done properly. While we can’t promise it will be the most relaxing experience, we can guarantee it will be much easier and more efficient if you follow these 10 useful tips! So keep reading for some expert ways to pack for your next move and make it as stress-free as possible.

Cut Back on Clutter

Our first tip on this list is super important! Make sure to go through each room and start to collect the things you don’t need or want anymore for donation. Cutting back on items that won’t have a place in your new home means fewer things to pack away, and not only to pack but also unpack. Start life in your new digs with only the things that bring you joy, a little Marie Kondo inspiration if you will. Start a pile for donations and make arrangements with your closest shelter or goodwill to drop it off as soon as possible to get it out of your way. While you are doing this, make a separate pile for things that need to be thrown away, like that not so gently used pair of running shoes or decade-old shirt from that team-building exercise at work.

Start Packing As Early as Possible

Make plans to start your packing as soon as possible to avoid that rushed feeling when it comes down to the final weeks or days to the move. Start off with seasonal items, like winter coats (if it’s summer/spring), boots, etc. Next move on to items you won’t miss for a while, like artwork, home decor, books, board games, extra towels, linens, blankets, etc. Starting early will give you some breathing room and will allow you to be intentional with your packing and to ensure you are packing things carefully and effectively to ensure your things are safe and secure for the big day, making things a little easier for your movers in the process.

Clean As You Go

This tip is a huge time-saver. Starting the cleaning process early will save you the headache of tackling everything all at once at the end of packing when you might be crunched for time. This goes for items you are packing away as well. Clean and dust items before packing them to avoid creating a mess in your new place when it comes time to unpack. Everything will be neatly wiped and ready to go!

Pack The Least Used Room First

Start packing in your least-used room first such as the garage, closets, attic, basement, or spare room. Move onto the more frequently occupied space after that to make sure you arent packing away items you will need in the next few weeks. This also keeps boxes neatly tucked away and out of your way so you can still do your daily tasks and routines.

Use Your Clothes and Linens to Protect Breakables

Investing in the right moving supplies is always a good idea, but why not use up what you already have? And if you’re like me, that’s clothes. A lot of them. Wrap your breakable items like glassware and dinnerware in your towels, linens, and clothes (cleaned first, of course) to keep your items protected while moving. After you run out of those, move on to utilizing bubble wrap and packing paper. Your movers will thank you!

Label Your Boxes. In Detail.

Labeling your boxes with detailed or shorthand notes makes a huge difference when it comes to unpacking and setting yourself up for success later on. List everything inside the box along with the room it belongs in, especially items that you know that you will be looking for right away and will want to unpack immediately. Write this on more than just the top of the box, but also the sides so that you can see what’s in it, even if it is in a pile of other boxes or has something stacked on top of it. and always, ALWAYS label your box if it contains fragile items. Even if you have aggressively wrapped your breakables in several layers to prevent breakage, it’s always best to be on the safe side. Our personal favorite hack is to use colored labels that correspond to a particular room. Purple is for kitchen, Blue is for Bathroom, Yellow for Living Room, etc. That way, you can ensure all of the boxes for one particular color end up in the same room and it eliminates the guesswork later on. Make sure to inform your movers of what color pertains to each room in your new house.

Use Hangers To Give Extra Support To Your Boxes

You’ve opted to throw your clothes into some garbage bags in order to save space, but what do you do with all these hangers? You know you’ll need them as soon as your start to unpack in order to start putting away your clothes but they just seem to take up way too much space! Use this trick from movers to provide some extra support for your boxes. Using hangers to fill space in your boxes with a little extra space at the top can make the box a little more secure in the event something is placed on top of it.

Utilize Your Moving Boxes In Any Way You Can

We have always talked about the importance of investing in good quality moving boxes to ensure your items are kep safe and secure. Over time, re-used boxes can be exposed to elements making them unreliable and their integrity compromised. Maybe you have some leftover boxes from your last move or a friend has offered you some boxes to use as a favor. Don’t let them go to waste! There are plenty of uses for boxes that maybe aren’t in good enough shape to hold stuff anymore. Transform your boxes into anything from reinforcement for other boxes, furniture protectors, or even construct a new box to fit an oddly shaped item to give it some extra cushion and protection.

Use the Right Size Boxes

While we are on the topic of boxes, we can’t forget to mention to always try to use the right size of box for the item you are packing. For example, when packing books or heavy items, make sure to stick to smaller boxes that are easier to handle and lift. Lighter items, like linens, and coats can go in bigger boxes that won’t need as much manpower to lift. This will ensure the boxes have a better chance of not breaking and will be received better by your movers (less time spent using equipment to move a particular box)

Just The Essentials

A day or two before the move, make sure to set aside some essential items that you will want with you on the day of the move. A change of clothes, toiletries like your toothbrush, floss, hairbrush, etc., a few toys for the kids, electronics like a laptop, iPad, and phone, medications, and necessary paperwork. When you are finally settled at the end of a long day, you don’t want to have to go searching for these essential items before you dive into the major task of unpacking.

So that’s a wrap on our checklist of 10 Tips to Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Move! Hopefully, we gave you some tips and tricks to come in handy and make packing a seamless and stress-free experience. Now that you’ve got the packing under control, leave the heavy lifting to us! Contact us at Moveogo today, for your 30-second estimate that comes with a guaranteed price, so you aren’t left guessing. Life happens quickly! We will find the best estimate to suit your needs – the first time.